81 hand-turned wooden bowls on a home-made 9x9 compartment shelf

Bowl #5

Love this piece with a crack across grain of almost 1/3 bowl’s circumference. Not too imaginatively cut with grain running straight across. A change in colour is distinct in its placement with little reason to believe any better effect would come from keeping the piece all dark, for example.

Reclaimed wood origin

4x4 blocks of maple donated to Ottawa Valley Wood turners. Apparently, cut-offs from a bat manufacture’s order. The deal was to take as many as you like but to return in the next month some number of woodworkers mallet to be branded and given in gift bags at companies open house. Fine lumber, kiln dried varying in length from 8 inches to 20 inches, maybe the odd one longer still.

Maple (kiln dried)
Boiled Linseed Oil x 3 coats